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Oct 27, 2012 4:00am PDT
in 2000, and it raises questions going into governing. so i think what you see is the next day, mitch mcconnell and john boehner the republican leaders in the congress, stand up and say we'll speak for the majority of the country and therefore continue to oppose the president's agenda. >> what about you, amie? any words from inside the white house? are they mulling this prospect of the possible electoral vote split and how it might affect governing? >> i don't think they care so much about the national poll. they haven't really even strategists tell me they haven't even really been focused on that. they're focused on the swing states. so i think that when the president does come back, if he does come back, then he will have to say, you know, this is all in the past, let's all try to work together. but i think they're taking the swing state polling very seriously, and not so much on the other. >> yeah. steve, quickly, hurricane sandy. we know it's canceled events in virginia and new hampshire. how might it impact the race? could this turn out to be an october surprise, do you think? >> ab
Nov 3, 2012 4:00am PDT
federal and local officials will update the president on the government's storm response. right now, the power is back on in thousands of more homes. but more than 2.9 million customers are still without power across six states, most of them in new jersey. repair crews are coming to the region from across the country. the death toll from sandy is rising, sadly. 109 people have died in the u.s. most of those victims live right here in new york city. relief workers are descending on the city's epicenter of disaster, that is staten island this morning. they are handing out food and other supplies. some residents say the help is too little, too late. >> it is not red cross. this is us. we're giving out the blankets, we're giving out the food. we're going door-to-door helping everybody. >> i am furious. i am angry. i can't believe that devastation like this is being unanswered, uncalled, that we're also unprotected. >> took our neighbors in across the street, and offered up the most generous -- i am so grateful he did that. >> we knew the boat was a loss. the water filled up the whole ca
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
't talked about. if the federal government works in this instance, if we have a disaster of some kind and the federal government is able to perform the duties we want it to perform, we should have a smaller federal government, that the government didn't build that for you. >> good point there as well. anne, i'll move on you to at the next topic. surprise nod with "the new york times" endorsing president obama. not so much of surprise. but the "des moines register" endorsing mitt romney, the first time an iowa paper has endorsed a republican for president since 1962, richard nixon. how do you read the endorsement? >> i think surprise is the first word you have to use to describe it although endorsements are typically overrated. they don't, as much as i would like to think that newspapers are all-powerful, i don't think they shift that many votes. but in this case i'm willing to make an exception. this is a very influential paper. will was some discussion about whether it's because mitt romney visited them in person and president obama did it by phone and initially wanted to do some of
Oct 27, 2012 9:00am PDT
prepositioning many right now. local governments are getting ready as well. seven states as well as d.c. have now declared states of emergency. the latest being connecticut. mandatory evacuations are now planned in both new york and new jersey. we're keeping an very close watch as well on the airports for you. at this point there are no major delays to report. but major problems are definitely possible in the coming days. all the major airlines are waiving fees for any passengers who want to reschedule their flights to the affected areas along the eastern seaboard. it is a big area. we have a team of correspondents deployed along the east coast including nbc's al roker and the weather channel stephanie abrams in delaware. colleagues jim can torre and mike sidell are in new york city and new jersey. they will all be joining us throughout our coverage today. we begin here in studio with nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. what's the latest on this storm, dylan? >> alex, it is still a category one hurricane. it's going to fluctuate between a category one and tropical storm, back over to a category one m
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
of governing than the country had become accustomed to. and raised a lot of the themes that governor romney is raising. there are two different cats, reagan and romney. and at the same time, jimmy carter and obama are not exactly alike except philosophically to a large degree that they are. so that election was reminiscent of this one. here's what's changed. it's inescapable now. it's on the air 24/7. on our cable, on their cable, on local access. it's especially on the screen behind me, the computer screen. you can't sign on in the morning to go to your favorite web site without getting some kind of political dialogue. so i think people feel like they are caught in a tsunami of information, not all of it advancing their understanding of how they can best make a decision on behalf of their family and behalf of their country. a lot of it seems to be kind of campaign noise. that's what's different. >> we have so many polls, tom. they seem to be coming from every which angle, every which organization. how much do you think polling affects the way people will vote? >> not much. i think it may r
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)